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Came across this corker of a tune whilst browsing Youtube when bored at work the other day. Much cheerier than it’s name suggests, I hope it brightens up your dreary January day as it did mine.


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To all those wondering if we’d quit the blogging business. It’s not true. To all those thinking “it’s been over a week and no new posts. I cant go on. I’m ending my life now”, don’t go running onto the motorway just yet. (more…)

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Political Update.

I’m up to date with politics.

“Barack Obama Motherfucker! Im the President of hittin’ that ass!”

My love for Curb Your Enthusiasm represents this. I plan to use “I hit it, then I quit it” at least once a day. x

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Watch this:

Theres also a deleted scene of the “ironic moustache growing” event.

It does make me want to burn the two Vice magazines hidden in my room. I dont have a Myspace. Phew. But I do apparantly have a blog. Shit.

My American Apparel socks give me away. For fucks sake… x

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Try this when bored



Hear the voices of dead relatives? Horses prancing about? Ping pong balls? No need for LSD? Nuff said.

Go here for more. Have done the rubber hand one in uni. Except without the hammer bit. Class. x

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Dancing is hard. When you are dancing you are usually in a club trying to attract/impress a member of the opposite sex, on top of this you are usually drunk causing your limbs to flail wildly. This does not look cool.

To help those who feel slightly awkward when ‘busting a move’ I have posted some of the best dance routines ever choreographed. Take some tips from these guys and I can almost definately guarantee that you will turn heads  and pick up babes.


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Couldn’t not post this. If you have a fear of puppets. Leave this blog now.

Don’t do drugs kids. If only so it rules out all chances of ever watching this while already in a drug induced state. The mental repercussions would most likely scar. x

Liz’s Pearl of Wisdom #2: Don’t give drugs to Childrens TV Presenters

If the clip above isn’t enough to convince you that childrens TV presenters are all high as kites when making these shows then take a look at this one…

Wide eyed puppets with manic smiles dancing feverishly against a psychedelic backdrop to what sounds like Euro-trance with the random appearance of singing fish throughout? Makes even the trippiest of drug-induced hallucinations seem mundane in comparison.

Personally, I’d rather leave my child with the smack-head who loiters around the public toilets in town, looking for cigarette butts and used needles, than let one of these junkies babysit.

(disclaimer: 2 legit cannot confirm that the pictured individuals are in fact hardcore heroin users)

‘Mr Tumble’ was discovered to be saying ‘I’m F**king you’ in sign language at the start of his kids tv shows. He claims that the words for ‘happy’ and ‘f**king’ are very similar in sign language and that he was in fact trying to say ‘im happy to see you’. I say. Bullshit.

Ed the duck's too mashed to even sit up. Check out those gloved hands propping him up to the left. Subtle.

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