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If you like to ogle those more stylish (and infinately cooler) than yourself then this is the site for you. Full of ‘trendy wendy’s’ and fashonista’s, this blog will make you feel much worse about your own dress sense. On the other hand you could pick up some inspiration for your next shopping spree, take a look at top models chic attire and wonder at the latest catwalk trends.

Check out the second best blog on the internet right now at http://www.jakandjil.com/


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Liz’s song of the day.

‘Ere, isn’t it that chick out ‘The Knife’? Why yes, and doesn’t she sound lovely on this classic Royksopp track.

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Wow, I’ll bet Gaspard really appreciates your constructive criticism of his DJ-ing skills, clearly you must be an expert. Oh yeh, thats right, didn’t Daft Punk support you on your recent sell-out world tour? By the way, if one half of one of the most successful DJ duos to come out of France is gonna take advice from anyone I doubt it’s gonna be someone who wears a shirt that matches his utterly shit hat.


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As an addition to Liz’s post concerning dance moves:

Urge to dance….overwhelming. x

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What do you get if you cross a superstar DJ with twenty-one years of lil’ Tommy Kirkon and enough Red Bull to fill the river Tyne? Answer: A weekend to remember, that’s what…


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The title says it all really. Four of NME’s favourites, only one of mine. Take a look at my blurry blurry photography… (more…)

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January was…


LIZ: “A month of empty pockets”

JEN: “An exercise in hibernation but without the small furry creatures “

Stay tuned cos one month from now, we’ll be hitting you with February. Wowser. x

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