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Jordan Mattos draws pictures of films he likes on ripped up t-shirts. A winner in my books (he’s a massive Kate Bush fan) his drawings were initially born from a love of Fassbinder  films (a bisexual German director who died of a cocaine overdose). For fans of unconventional parenting you can also check out his illustrated children’s book ‘Tuber’ about a boy who wets the bed and who’s father is an abusive alcoholic and who’s mother is into S&M. Apparently Chloe Sevigny likes his stuff and his tee’s have graced the cover of Vice magazine so all the hipsters should be pretty stoked with that. (more…)

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I recently acquired a Blackbery. I didn’t want one in the first place, I only got it because it was free on an upgrade and my current phone had a massive crack down the screen and a dodgy connection which meant I had to hold it at a certain angle to be able to hear the person on the other end. I soon learnt however, that my new phone created a wealth of jealousy from a certain Chode Kirkon (I could feel envy radiate from him as I signed away my old handset). This prompted me to ponder what it was about this mobile masterpiece that caused such a loyal mac user to be unfaithful to the apple family…


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What Red Bull can’t get you for free isn’t worth getting. This statement is totally true. Last weekend it got me into a SICK motorcross event being held on Newcastle Quayside. The following sums up my 2 greatest loves combined. Energy Drinks and BMX. Unfortunately my camera broke within seconds of me having left it lying around under a massive pile of bags and shit (can’t think why) so i have cunningly improvised by using my world class paint skills to re-create some moments. I think you’ll find that you will struggle to tell the difference between these ‘artists impressions’ and the actual photos (taken by Ride magazines very own H man)… (more…)

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T-shirts with word motifs aren’t a new idea. That doesn’t make me not want one however. Found this site, I (love) BOXIE who make them to order either using one of their pre designed motifs which all have their own story behind them, or your own phrase (if you’re lucky enough to have a witty story. I’m not). For example… (more…)

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Dog abuse in the name of electro.

But yer know, pretty danceable too. All is forgiven although I don’t exactly know what kind of a message they were aiming to get across. Can’t say that when I think ‘electro’ I think ‘chuck your dog about in gay abandon’. Until now?

N.B: The consistant posting from me is merely a reaction to my dissertation. Anything to prevent me from doing any kind of work is on the cards here. Including electro dogs. x

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Four in the back

Did you know they’ve stopped making polaroid films officially now? My advice? Keep any you have and sell on Ebay to some poor unsuspecting geek for £££. Meanwhile, I found the best download application which turns your shitty new digital shots into the iconic retro photo print. Here are a few from various times of 2009 that never made it to the blog: (more…)

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