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Soko – ‘I will kill her’


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As if i haven’t enrolled in enough social networking sites in the past year, i’ve done the unthinkable and opened up a fickr account. A reaction to recently acquiring a Canon-AV1 vintage film SLR (yes i copied Tom). Just uploaded my first few attempts, expect pictures of flowers etc. Nowt exciting but maybe I’ll dare to be more adventurous as time goes by…


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One man. One week. One mission. To single-handedly eat his way through all the pizzas in Croatia. Did he suceed? Read on to find out…


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The Kid Within

Why is it that films for kids seem to be surpassing those made for people of 12 years and up lately? At first I thought “perhaps i’m regressing” but then upon seeing what has been out recently, I would rather sit in my house and wait eagerly for the following releases than go see Transformers 2 again. Don’t put anybody through that, jeeeeez…

Fantastic Mr Fox was the 10 year old me’s favourite Roald Dahl book  hands down. BFG? Close call I suppose. Matilda? Crud. The Witches? Rubbish. James and the Giant Peach? Absolutely no fecking way (Obviously all Dahl books are brilliant but i’m trying to form an image here of just how much I loved this book). I heard there was soon to be a film directed by Wes Anderson (Royal Tenenbaums) but had no idea it was stop motion animation. Stick in Bill Murray and it’s like the 21 year old me’s ideal film.

Tim Burton can be hit and miss a lot of the time but I have high hopes. Greatest comeback since Ed Scissorhands? Probably not. Just be better than the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory remake (ANOTHER Roald Dahl. Are there any books that haven’t been done over in the cinema?).

All the indie kids are shaking in their excited indie boots for this one. It looks darn good.

Three literary classics all coming to a screen near youuuuu. And as icing on the cake, at some point Toy Story 3 will be out. I am abandoning non U rated films for a while.

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