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…and it felt like a kiss. (more…)


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If you like films featuring lots of booze, violence and surrealism and if you like Russian’s even more (Jen) then Soviet parallel cinema should be right up your street. This is Russian independent cinema from the 80’s and it includes such cinematic gems as those whose plot lines revolve around gay male zombies. What could be bad about an organisation spear-headed by a man who spent a year of his life pretending to be a dog? Exactly.

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Gil Scott-Heron – New York is Killing Me

One day i’ll post something more substantial but until then, practice your handclaps.

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Why don’t you?


And now…

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If you want to look as cool and nonchalant as this guy, then check out:


For those of you with stalkerish tendancies you can also follow ViceStyle on twitter at http://twitter.com/vicestyle

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