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Given that it is still the month of May (just about):

New track from Arcade Fire. I have contributed to the hype machine that surrounds new released material, and by doing so quite probably doomed the band. Bugger. They’re playing Leeds/Reading (my usual festival excursion) and not Glastonbury (the one I have actually swiped tickets for). Double bugger.

But on a lighter note, Bono’s knacked his back, therefore Damon Albarn and co. have stepped into the breach and the new headline slot. I love you Bono and I really love your old back.


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Some far better film posters. Far far better. I don’t understand why all posters aren’t like this…


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Yes. It’s that time of the year again. Here’s my personal favourite way to make those library hours fly by:


Just select your location and away you go. I’ve seen many poor hopefuls hunched over their laptop screens with their fingers poised above the refresh key eagerly anticipating a mention. I myself, like to wander around John Rylands trying to identify said individuals thus filling my endless revision days with a sense of purpose.

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