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Young Buffalo.

Well I can’t get enough of American indie of late.


*EDIT* Previous video replaced by ‘non violating one’. I’m pretty sick of Youtube and it’s ‘laws’ and ‘honesty’. You wouldn’t get that with Vimeo… Anyway, here’s another song:

‘New Beat’.

I’ve decided to stop trying to fight it and embrace the cool band for their 15 minutes. When/if they hit radio 1, they will naturally be dead to me however. Edith Bowman has that effect on everybody right?

*DOUBLE EDIT* Zane Lowe played them on Radio 1 last week (late October). Did you know (according to a tiny sign I read in the Sheffield branch of Size?) Zane Lowe wears New Balance footwear because he thinks the ‘N’ looks like a ‘Z’. He is a certified tool. So anyway not to go off on a tangent too much…

They sound like the kind of band Spike Jonze could probably use in some affiliated project (in my head anyway) so they’re well on their way to fame of some level (i’m talking Beach House proportions here people)*. Also, one member of the band is called Jim Barrett (a fellow Barrett, just like Syd and myself). I suspect he must be the brains of the outfit.

Go here for more musical stylings.

*I’m using masses of sarcasm to mask the fact I actually really like both of these bands.


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If, like me, you’ve always been curious as to whether Pink Floyds notorious album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ really does contain hidden references to the Judy Garland classic, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, you can now decide for yourself.

(Note – this probably works best after consuming copious amounts of hallucinogens).

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Tomato Warfare

The most famous food fight in the world is being held today. ‘La Tomatina’ festival in Valencia in Spain is probably just about as much fun as anyone can possibly have with a tomato, as represented by the video above. I know where I’m going to be this time next year…

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Came across this footage on an outraged pet owners facebook page. You can actually pinpoint the exact moment when the idea enters this womans head.

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Take a look at some of these legit endorsements from bygone days, featuring catchy slogans such as ‘Smoking is believing’ and ‘Songs for swinging mothers’.

These blasts from the past are guaranteed to have you yearning for the blissfull ignorance of yester-year, when smoking was still good for you, men were better than women and ‘gay’ still meant ‘happy’.


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‘Marathon’ by Tennis.

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