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On Repeat

I’ll just watch this one more time.

I’ll just watch this one more time.

Overly blogged but, i’ll just watch this one more time.


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“Day for Night” – Vanessa Bruno/Stephanie Di Giusto. Lou Doillon/Valentine Fillol Cordier.

I don’t really know what happens at 2mins 48. I do know i’d like all of the below: 

Vanessa Bruno Athe AW10


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Some far better film posters. Far far better. I don’t understand why all posters aren’t like this…


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…and it felt like a kiss. (more…)

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Warp Records celebrated its 20th anniversary last weekend back in its birthplace Sheffield. Any excuse to go back to Sheffield is fine by me, so that I did. Quite a few events were going on. Mega rave at Magna Science Museum Park JCB place on the Saturday, however I spurned this to spend the evening watching films on a council estate (partly due to the out of my monetary league £19 ticket price for the dance extravaganza, partly because I love council estates). (more…)

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As is half the world, i’m currently going through a Tarantino phase.

If you have half an hour I suggest you watch his first film short from allll the way back in 1987. According to numerous sources this isn’t the complete piece given it was partially lost in some kind of unfortunate editing room fire, so you may have to join the dots somewhat plot-wise. Either way, i’ve watched it three times since last night… I don’t have a job. But listening to rockabillies chat about Elvis Presley and Eddie Cochran is how I like to spend my time. It’s a tad sketchy in parts, however I like films that I feel I could probably recreate myself (look out for a TooLegit knock off film genre. We have the required filmaking know how*). Anyway, the soundtrack is amazing and some of the lines are even better. Personal favourite being “your ass is grass, and i’m the lawnmower”, which is now in my everyday lingo.

P.S. Recognise the character name ‘Aldo Raine’….?

*Film making know how refers to our Langside epic. A lost classic. Only Liz will even understand this. Private joke.

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As if i haven’t enrolled in enough social networking sites in the past year, i’ve done the unthinkable and opened up a fickr account. A reaction to recently acquiring a Canon-AV1 vintage film SLR (yes i copied Tom). Just uploaded my first few attempts, expect pictures of flowers etc. Nowt exciting but maybe I’ll dare to be more adventurous as time goes by…


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