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All a bit quiet of late…


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Lotus Flower

Thom Yorke stole my moves.

A band I always assume are working on something, then am wholly surprised when it’s actually released. Heard no news/ads/hype of a new album (not that i’ve had my ear to the Radiohead ground), only to have this appear three days ago. Video directed by Garth Jennings (him and Thom Yorke British showbizzz film pals?), plus 1,700,000 views in three days. Promising.

Go here to download.

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This song is everywhere, and it does induce the need in me to yell “Jeeeez Banana, shut your friggin gob OK?” like Juno (is this the best one liner? – quite possibly in my humble opinion), however it’s one of the best covers i’ve ever heard. The simple ones are the best. Well now i’ve brought up Cat Power, another favourite:

…Happy Valentines day and that. Go watch Blue Valentine? Read some Keats or Wordsworth? Head immediately towards your nearest pub?

All of the aformentioned.

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Aside from having a rather emo name, ‘Two Wounded Birds‘ are rather good. Bluesy. Surfy. Wah-wah’y.

They’re from Margate, having been to Margate myself, congratulations to them. My experiences involved joining a casino, watching people spend their income support (namely a chinese man wearing a suit and trainers too big for his feet), and feeling quite scared.

So how are we all doing today?

Yeh, me too…

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Beach house played a gig in Manchester cathedral last friday. Easily the best venue I’ve ever been to. Sadly, my phone-photos don’t do it justice.

Top 3 songs of the night:-
1. Real love
2. Used to be
3. Better times

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Ryan McGinley/M.I.A. 2010

Left the Leeds Academy gig trying to perfect my Galang dancing >>>

Safe to say, can’t do it. Aside from that she was incredible. Dressed amazing as per (UV lipstick/hologram sunglasses), climbing the rigs, two male backing dancers, strobes, visuals, bass, free ‘teqkilla’, crowdsurfing, stage invasion…

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…remember this Arcade Fire post?

Musicians in confined spaces is becoming a theme.

An oldy (is 2007 old?) but a goody – ‘I’m Good I’m Gone’ by Lykke Li. Things of note: teaspoons, red headed man, his stag jumper and her supermegabeauty.

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