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This song is everywhere, and it does induce the need in me to yell “Jeeeez Banana, shut your friggin gob OK?” like Juno (is this the best one liner? – quite possibly in my humble opinion), however it’s one of the best covers i’ve ever heard. The simple ones are the best. Well now i’ve brought up Cat Power, another favourite:

…Happy Valentines day and that. Go watch Blue Valentine? Read some Keats or Wordsworth? Head immediately towards your nearest pub?

All of the aformentioned.

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Aside from having a rather emo name, ‘Two Wounded Birds‘ are rather good. Bluesy. Surfy. Wah-wah’y.

They’re from Margate, having been to Margate myself, congratulations to them. My experiences involved joining a casino, watching people spend their income support (namely a chinese man wearing a suit and trainers too big for his feet), and feeling quite scared.

So how are we all doing today?

Yeh, me too…

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“You wanna play me?”

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

(from ‘If we don’t, remember me’. Again)

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...and thats that. what a lot of fun.

…and thats that. what a lot of fun.

Scott turned 23 last month but due to my lack of internet and the fact that all my free time has, until lately, been spent house hunting, I’ve only just got round to uploading the photos from his jumanji-themed birthday party.
What follows is a pretty accurate representation of how me and my friends like to spend our free time…


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Recounting Liz’s F-Troupe post well over a year ago now, but.

A.P.C fur lined boat boots - 300 euros

Could write them off as an early Christmas present.

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Everything I know about politics (not a great deal), i’ve learnt from this programme.

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