“I think we’re just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Ritchie.”

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

The above is all completely lifted from “If we don’t, remember me” blog of beautiful animated GIF’s. Go here for more. Do it. Now. Honestly, go.


Fingers crossed for Glasto…

”In a short statement the band which alongside Blur and Oasis defined the Britpop era, promised to play fan favourites as they confirmed dates at the Wireless festival in Hyde Park and at Spain’s Primavera Sound festival, both next summer. A tour could follow.”  (The Guardian).

Could it be Glastonbury 1995 again?


Everything I know about politics (not a great deal), i’ve learnt from this programme.

Auto-tune sensation.

Watch this first…

Now watch the remix…

Yann Tiersen.

I am currently still having no issue with watching this four times a day.

Saw him at Leeds Cockpit only last night. Most famed for his compositions for the Amelie and Goodbye Lenin soundtracks (and his clear mad accordion skills), this tour was for his most recent album, predominantly guitary shreddy (thanks David for the perfect adjective) ‘Dust Lane’.

Alas, no appearance of said accordion, but he chucked in a violin solo or two for good measure. Wishing I was French quite a lot right now.

Still love this site.

Where else will I gain an insight into Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ rivalry?

Or Monty Python’s censorship problems.

Once again, Letters Of Note.

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